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IT Support

With our remote office support and IT support services, you can be confident your IT business requirements is in good hands
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IT Infrastructure

Is the “foundation” for your business information technology services to build off. It’s like building a house, you need a solid foundation before the walls, roof and utility services are connected.
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Helping Companies Configure & Service Their IT

Implementing and maintaining an IT infrastructure for your company can be complex which takes a lot of time, energy and quite often requires technically savvy skills, that are not that common knowledge.

Partnering with Supportnet will free up your valuable time to get on with “Your Business”.

We at Supportnet are about building strong relationships with our clients, we aim to add value your business, how we do this is by providing excellent IT.



We look at IT from “Your business” point of view

We look at the “Big Picture” when it comes to IT , we’re about providing the best IT Solutions for “your business”,  adding value to your business by leveraging your IT technology and processes which in turn provide better business profits for your business.

How do we do this?

Well this is what we can do, we’ll sit down with you…. and “listen”.

We want you to tell us about your business,  how you do things within your business,  your business goals and aspirations.


Our Services

Our friendly team are waiting and are ready to help you…. We know the frustration when something goes

Interesting question: “To Cloud” or “not to Cloud”….. We’ve all heard it, “everything is going to the

Looking to replace or upgrade your hardware and software? Supportnet’s Procurement  will evaluate what you require and ensure

Protecting your business digital information and Intellectual Information. Information security is a set of strategies for managing

Often overlooked, this is a very important process to ensure your IT keeps up with your business

Are the backbone of any business… Without a robust Network Infrastructure may lead to degraded device performance

From cloud setup to hardware/software,
IT security & data recovery…

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